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Smart Plug | Lifetime Warranty | Voice control any device

$29.99 $48.99

Product information:

Conductor material: phosphor bronze

Rated current: 10A

Rated voltage: 125V

Rated power: 1250W

Ambient temperature: -20~50

Shell material: PC flame retardant

Dimensions type: 60*33*28cm


1. Works with Alexa/ Echo Dot& Google home .

2. Manage your devices via your phone or Voice Control. Save Energy and Reduce Costs for your life.

3. Intelligent Schedule – Smart socket could create multiple schedules to turn on/off your light,air-conditioner, water heater,etc electronic devices. Syn lights and home devices to pre-set times automatically.

4. Easy to Use -Connection is easy and reliable. You could install,configure,control the outlet in real-time with the free App.No more internet dropping off or frequent factory resetting.

5. Lifetime Warranty & Quality Certificated – Smart plug got the FCC & ETL certificate, keep electronics safe. Also we provide 100% REFUND or REPLACEMENT for LIFETIME warranty.

How it works:

Smart Phone or Tablet Instructions

1.Scan the QR code on the User Manual to download “Smart life” App from App store or Google play, then add the plug to the App.

2. Hold the device Reset Button until it starts blinking.

3. In the app, Add Device, to detect your new Plug.4. Connect to your Wifi.

How it works with Alexa:

1.Download & Registration: Scan the QR code on the User Manual to download “Smart Life” App from App store or Google play, then add the plug to the App.

2.Open Alexa, from Home menu, select skills. Then search for “Smart Life” inside the categories.

3.Select”Smart Life” from the search result, press “Enavble” to learn the skill.

4.Choose “Discover Device” , all your devices will appear in the listing.

Packing list:

Smart socket*1

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