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Doodle Smart Zigbee Door Sensor



Product name: Intelligent door sensor

Product specification :Zigbee model

Model :Ih-f001

Material :Abs

Battery :Cr2032 button battery

Detection accuracy :<5mm

Standby time: Battery life of 3 years, press 5 times a day

Standby current :≤5ua

Wireless mode :2.4ghz

Protocol :Zigbee 3.0

Size (body) :L50*w25*h11mm

Size (auxiliary body) :L30*w15*h10mm

Usage instructions: For the first power-on, press the reset button with the pin for more than 6s until the front indicator blinks and the indicator blinks, you can enter the distribution mode

Applicable location: Door/window/cabinet, etc

Installation position: External

Protection rate :Ip20

Supported system :Android/ios

Working environment: Indoor

Operating temperature: -10°c~40°c(14°f ~ 104°f)

Storage temperature: -10 ° c ~60 ° c (14°f~140°f)

Working humidity: 20% ~85% rh

Storage humidity: 0% to 90% rh

Connection mode: Zigbee connection

Voice control: Support tmall genie, google assistant, alexa, baidu xiaodu and other third-party voice platforms

Compatible gateway: Zigbee gateway, hue gateway at or above 3.0

Packing list:

Intelligent door sensor

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